Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy 112th Birthday

McMullin triplets: Willie May, Tillie Day and Dillie Fay. Born February 20, 1897.

On February 20, 1897, my grandmother and her two sisters arrived into the world. Their births were a home delivery in the Ozarks in St. Clair County, Missouri, and they were named Dillie Fay, Tillie Day and Willie May McMullin. Their names were not unusual for the time, but having triplets born alive certainly was rare. The family history says that they averaged 6 pounds each (!) and that my grandmother, Willie, was the smallest. Since it was feared she would not survive, they tucked her into bed with her own grandmother, who was suffering from tuberculosis, so she could pass away comforted. Tillie died from an auto accident in 1965 at age 68, Dillie died five years later at 73, and my grandmother, who was thought to be too weak to survive, lived to be 88. 
Happy Birthday!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Splashin' Around the Pond

Pre-school Story Time at Baxter Memorial Library, Gorham, Maine
March 10th, 9:30 am
We'll gather around the pond for stories, puppets and fun!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Keeping Track

We're having quite a winter here in Maine. Although the turtles are sleeping beneath the ice at the bottom of Frog Song Pond, other critters are keeping busy. Wild turkey and deer tracks festoon the snow. . .

. . .and some venture out to skate on the ice.