Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pond Critters

So far this spring, in addition to the resident turtles and frogs, we've seen Mallards, Wood Ducks, a very impressive Kingfisher, and one Merganser hen. Yesterday, this Cormorant appeared--a first, I think. You can see how people confuse them with loons when they are swimming.
The turtles were completely unfazed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Promised Peepers & A Frog On Ice

The peepers have joined the wood frogs in the happy cacophony at the pond.

This little wood frog seemed quite stunned to still find ice along the shore.
He stayed there--frozen?--for several minutes before leaping back into the water. Brrrr.....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring, spring, SPRING!

In case anyone has wondered why our pond is called Frog Song Pond, listen to the wood frogs in this short video. These chatterers are Spring's first arrivals, followed very closely by the peepers. I'll try to get a recording of them next. The pond is FULL of frogs right now! Here are two up close. And all those little shiny spots on the photo with the turtle in the middle? FROGS! Hundreds of them! While walking around the pond this afternoon, a sudden whistling and a flash of flushing feathers caught my attention. Five drake wood ducks! Here's a glimpse of the one that remained on the water--the rest sprung into the sky. Isn't he gorgeous?

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Pond is Waking Up!

Half the ice is off the pond, there are whole areas without snow, and the critters are tired of waiting for Spring. This pair of mallards moved back last week. Look closely and you'll see the first brave (48 degrees F) turtle at the end of the log.
My neighbors have their sap buckets out on their maples, too, and this little finch and his mate have chosen my front porch for their nest.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Watching Eaglets

First of all---these eagles are not at Frog Song Pond! But like thousands of people around the globe, I've been eagerly watching a pair of eagles in their nest in Decorah, Iowa. The third eaglet hatched early last night, and the attentive parents take turns feeding them. Through the magic of cameras and technology, viewers are able to watch all that happens on this nest. If you haven't yet seen this, here's the site:
Will there be a book about eagles? Probably not. (Not by me, anyway.) Having just finished Gobble, Gobble, my book about wild turkeys, I think I've done enough feathers for awhile. But I'm captivated by the these amazing eagles! Enjoy.