Friday, April 24, 2009

After Ghandi

Maine Author & Illustrator, Anne Sibley O'Brien, and her son, Perry Edmond O'Brien, have collaborated on a stunning new book, After Ghandi: 100 Years of Nonviolent Resistance, published by Charlesbridge. There's an open house to celebrate the publication of the book next Friday, May 1st, at Arabica Coffee, 2 Free Street, in Portland, Maine, as part of the First Friday Art Walk.
Book Signing & Art Opening
Friday, May 1, 2009 (Art Walk)
5:00-8:00 PM (Open House)

The book is a must-have for social justice awareness, and the illustrations are fabulous. The event is a fundraiser for the Social Action Committee at the Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church.

Here is a link for more information: CURIOUS CITY.

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Anne Sibley O'Brien said...

Thanks for this mention, Cathryn!

The work on promoting this book feels different because it's a chance to get out the word about what's possible for us as human beings. The people we profiled (and so many others we didn't have room to include) are the proof and the hope that, when faced with threats of oppression, injustice, and violence, we can respond with extraordinary courage, ingenuity and even love - and sometimes even prevail against daunting odds. Amazing stories, amazing people.

We're delighted to be working with kindred spirits at Allen Avenue in promoting these values.

What a great blog - to mention one, your grandmother story is so wonderfully intriguing, eccentric and dear.