Saturday, September 19, 2009


Squirrels may be collecting acorns to store for the long Maine winter, but the turtles of Frog Song Pond are gathering sunlight. Four of them braved a chilly wind today to soak up some rays, reminding me of the illustrations I made for Scoot! and Turtle Splash, with all those teeny tiny pieces of paper. This one looked particularly pensive, perhaps reflecting on summer memories before hibernating in the bottom of the pond.
More frogs and turtles and other critters, are here.


Katie Patterson said...

So cute!!!

Mrs. Stanley said...

Hi, Cathryn,
Love your pictures - the real turtles and the ones you so painstakingly created.
I bought both Scoot and Turtle Splash and so enjoy looking at the pictures. It is such a thrill to have seen the originals displayed at the show at Camden Public Library.
Perhaps we'll meet again, and I can get you to autograph them.
I, like those turtle, am enjoying the last of summer's warmth. Saturday was a beautiful day, but today it poured. We needed the rain; everthing was so dry. Looking forward to a colorful fall.