Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NYC gig

I've never done this before, but my "mama gene" is kicking in. He'll probably be furious...
My son, Alex Mirkin, is playing at a place called the National Underground in New York City (lower east side) tomorrow night--Thursday, 2/28/10--from 9-10 pm. It's at 159 E. Houston between Allen and Eldridge.
So....if you're in the city, check it out. And cross your fingers that he doesn't disown me...

UPDATE: This performance was a success, and he's playing again next month:
February 18th, 8 -9 pm. Same place.

"What I hear when I listen to Alex play isn't exactly folk or of the broadly-dubbed "singer-songwriter" genre. Instead, I get a highly creative and unique alchemy of new and old sound. I hear Paris nights and London rain. I hear beauty and sadness. I hear Nick Drake, Sylvia Plath, and Colin Meloy. His free use of alternative guitar tunings and gorgeous lyrical lines stand out to me in a way that makes me believe we will be hearing greatness from this young man sooner than we know." - Jack Kerns

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