Saturday, April 24, 2010


Quite a chorus line on the log at Frog Song Pond today. Well....a silent chorus line, anyway.
Maybe basking line is a better description. More photos on my other blog, HERE.

These two wanted to be alone, however....

I recently heard that Turtle Splash! will be out next year in a Spanish edition. Muy bueno!

Craig Reinauer, a preservice elementary teacher studying education at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland, adapted Turtle Splash! to create a stop-motion animated video for his class project. Check it out HERE---quite charming!


Mom said...

Turtle Splash is one of our is actually on my list of reviews to do on my site (have already done Mystery Vine)! Congratulations on the Spanish edition.

Mrs. Stanley said...

The stop-motion video was fabulous, and I'm so glad you didn't get all upset with him for re-purposing your wonderful book - credit for you and kudos for all his hard work. It's that creativity -emulation and then innovation (words of Chris Anderson from TED video - How web video powers global innovation)that is a driving force in today's world. I met you at the Camden Public Library some years back - I haven't visited your blog in awhile, but I'm enjoying it so much. Gorham, as you may remember, is where I grew up and went to school.