Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear deer...

More about the Maine Wildlife Park, which I mentioned in the previous post:
Since I'm working on the artwork for Pond Babies now, the visit was a great chance to photograph baby animals. Well-intention hikers and woods walkers sometimes come across what they think is an abandoned or "lost" fawn, scoop it up, carry it away, and then call wildlife management folks for help. The truth is that a white tail doe carefully "parks" her fawn in a safe place while she grazes nearby. The human would-be rescuers have actually kidnapped the baby. Five of these little critters now make their home at the Wildlife Park, since their moms couldn't be located again. There's a fawn in the book, so this was a good opportunity for me to observe them.
My good friend Nancy went along on this expedition, and came to my rescue with her own camera when mine ran out of battery power. She took this great image of three of the fawn.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I have a neighbour who is feeding two your black bears. The mother must have been shot as it is bear hunting season here.

Sadly he thinks he can feed them and they will hibernate in his barn. He is dooming them to an early death. I have been trying to get the Ministry of Natural Resources to pick them up and take them to a refuge which will return them to the wild. It is against the law here to keep wil animals.

I think my neigbour has been watching too much TV or he thinks he can repeat the Winnie the pooh tale. Winnie was picked up at White River Ontario by a soldier from Winnipeg on his way to Enland in WW!. Winnie was given to the London Zoo, when he was a great favourite.

Either that or he thinks he is Grizzly Adams!

fejehome said...

The deer in our neighborhood "live" in our yards. That includes having their little fawns in our yards. It is exciting when we get to observe the new baby fawns. At waddlee-ah-chaa, we posted photos taken my six year old son as he observed a new baby for a day.

And yes, they do eat all of our gardens and plants too!

It was very exciting to have you visit waddleeahchaa.com. My son has been looking at all of the photos on your blog and locating the animals in your book Scoot! He is busy creating his own pond collage. Thank you for your beautiful book and the artistic inspiration.
-jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa