Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring, spring, SPRING!

In case anyone has wondered why our pond is called Frog Song Pond, listen to the wood frogs in this short video. These chatterers are Spring's first arrivals, followed very closely by the peepers. I'll try to get a recording of them next. The pond is FULL of frogs right now! Here are two up close. And all those little shiny spots on the photo with the turtle in the middle? FROGS! Hundreds of them! While walking around the pond this afternoon, a sudden whistling and a flash of flushing feathers caught my attention. Five drake wood ducks! Here's a glimpse of the one that remained on the water--the rest sprung into the sky. Isn't he gorgeous?


jen said...

Isn't Spring wonderful? We have a lot of frogs in a small pond in Gateway commons but they don't sound like yours and we usually hear them the most in them mornings. We haven't seen any sign of them yet but we haven't checked in a week.

We've been reading and loving Mystery Vine for the past couple weeks and Kai is determined to get pumpkins this year. We tried last year but the blossoms never turned into pumpkins. We're going to try a new spot and I'm planting flowers nearby maybe the bees will help us.

katie said...

I love seeing your 1st signs of spring...Can't wait to come up for a visit!

king said...

WOW! amazing pictures of spring. I like these pictures of pond creature here. It looks very beautiful!!!!

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