Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cat Daze of Summer

The dog days of summer have arrived....and we are now very sorry that we complained about our too-cool Maine weather. Ugh. So being lazy on a hot and humid Sunday afternoon is the only option.  Star (kitty...pictured here) chose the dock, as did a resident frog a bit later. The treehouse offered me a bit of a breeze. A very good day to read, indeed.

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Mrs. Stanley said...

It was really hot and humid here in Connecticut, as well. I love the picture of your cat staring at her reflection-priceless.
Our frog has gone missing from our pond -so nice to be able to share yours. That tree house looks wonderful. I wonder what you are reading.I hope you'll blog about your time at the Children's Book Fair by the Sea; I wish I could have been there.