Sunday, August 9, 2009

Feast & Retreat

Just returned from a fabulous writers' retreat on a lake up near Lewiston, Maine. We managed to persuade the wonderful owners of Boat Building Vacation LLC, Nilaya and James Palmer, to branch out their business and host this event. The result was a heavenly 3-night stay with postcard-perfect weather and scrumptious gourmet food in a perfect environment to inspire creativity, complete with the call of loons.

 All participants enjoyed productive work-- occasionally breaking for a refreshing swim, a bit of yoga, or a romp with the adorable puppy-in-residence, Sashi. We're hoping that Nilaya and James (PERFECT hosts!) will be willing to offer this again next year! Check out their site--and the incredibly beautiful boats you can learn to build with them, too. 

Photos: (1)Kirsten Cappy and Sarah Thomson research for their novels; (2) Nilaya and Sashi serve appetizers(3) lakeside; (4) Kirsten at work

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