Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Case of the Missing Carrot

Book cover, Feast For 10

Zane's letter and drawing
Page from hardcover edition
Board Book
Close-up of corner

A letter from a child came in the mail today. I'd wouldn't go so far as to say it was a complaint letter, but it wasn't exactly fan mail, either. It should probably be classified as a quality control query. "Where is the seventh carrot?" Zane, the letter's author, wants to know. A very fair question. I wondered this myself when my picture book, Feast for 10, was published as a board book. When the art was converted from the rectangular format of the hardcover and softcover editions to the more squarish board book format, a few things got carrots, for example. Very sad indeed, especially since this is a COUNTING book. So--I'm very sorry, Zane. The seventh carrot is actually there---but only a tiny bit of it shows. And I'm very impressed that you noticed! You must be an excellent counter. So Happy Counting, and Happy Reading!

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Anonymous said...

The Mystery of the 7th Carrot is an excellent book title (or essay about the lack of attention in the book world...)